Tooth Extractions – Falls Church, VA

Removing Teeth That are Beyond Saving

Our team at DentaCrafters PLLC will always prioritize treatments that will let you keep your natural tooth. However, there are situations where a tooth extraction in Falls Church is the only option. Not only can we remove any severely damaged or infected teeth as comfortably as possible, but we also offer wisdom tooth extractions when necessary. If you call our dental office to schedule a consultation, we can take a look at your tooth and determine whether it truly needs to go.

Why Choose DentaCrafters PLLC for Tooth Extractions?

  • Saturday Emergency Appointments Offered
  • Advanced Dental Technology
  • Team Focused on Excellent Customer Service

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Dental forceps holding a tooth after tooth extractions in Falls Church

We will only recommend a tooth extraction if we are sure that you truly need one to protect your oral health. Here are a few of the reasons why the procedure might have to be performed:

  • The tooth is heavily fractured and can’t be repaired.
  • There is a severe tooth infection that can’t be effectively treated with a root canal.
  • You are getting full dentures, but there are still a few teeth left in the arch in question.